Sunday, July 20, 2008

Special Pre-Order Pricing Extended!

Discounted prices for pre-ordering CPR Teddy Jr. have been extended! Now you can place your pre-order through August 15, 2008! Don't miss out!

To read more about CPR Teddy Jr. visit my website and click on "Pre-Order CPR Teddy Jr. Now!"

I've also added new photos to Flickr.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Introducing CPR Teddy Jr.

Let me start by repeating that I think CPR Teddy is a great product! If you're not sure how CPR Teddy works, watch this 3:39 min video:

That's the president of the company doing the video. She's really nice, too!

Here is our CPR Teddy with David back when we first got Teddy in 2006. Aren't they both adorable?!?!

Now, the folks at CPR Teddy have been hard at work for over a year on CPR Teddy Jr. and his due date has finally been scheduled - December 2008! He can be pre-ordered now* through July 16 at a discounted price, though...
Junior is a smaller bear, about 8", with a clip on his head - designed to be clipped onto your diaper bag, carseat, high chair, or anywhere else you think he'd come in handy. The photo at right is the prototype bear. The final bear will be slightly different.
Like his full size big brother, CPR Teddy Jr. has voice prompts to walk you through the steps of Infant or Child CPR - and - he is regulated by the FDA as a medical device, designed to be used during an actual emergency! How's that for peace of mind, packaged as an adorable little teddy bear?!
I'm an independent distributor of CPR Teddy and now have my website set up so you can buy CPR Teddy, Junior, or any other CPR Teddy products 24/7 with the secure PayPal check-out. With PayPal, I can accept your PayPal account payment or your credit card payment... or you can mail me a check! : )
Visit my website for more information about any
of the CPR Teddy products:
*Offer on CPR Teddy Jr. at the discounted pre-order price
good through July 16, 2008.
After that date, pre-orders will be at the full price.

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Friday, May 02, 2008

Time to Practice!

It's time to practice your CPR skills!
CPR Teddy's founders (an ER physician and a health care attorney) recognized that very few people remember how to do CPR shortly after taking a class. They wanted to create a practice aid that is inexpensive, non-threatening, and easy to use, but that also would be left out in the home and seen on a regular basis. They believed that if people could see the device, they would get an immediate memory prompt about CPR, but they may also pick it up and practice with it more often.
Click here to learn more about the lifesaving (and adorably cuddly) CPR Teddy, and purchase yours online!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Buy CPR Teddy Now at

I am excited to announce that I've got ordering available now on my website:

Use PayPal to place your order 24-hours a day!


Monday, August 27, 2007

Teaching Life with CPR Teddy

Click here to read a testimonial from a CPR & First Aid Instructor after using CPR Teddy with a group of pre-school and grade school teachers.

Read about an ambulance service who donated CPR Teddies to their local libraries! The bears are available to be checked out for hands-on practice of life-saving skills.

Don't forget to come back to my store to buy your own CPR Teddy!

Leave me a comment if you'd like more information! And please leave some way to contact you if you leave a comment, I'd love to reply to you!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

CPR Teddy Basics

CPR TeddyTM is the latest innovation in CPR practice aids! Parents, babysitters, teachers and other child care providers can now practice their Infant or Child CPR and Choking Rescue Skills with this practical and adorable bear. Keep CPR TeddyTM visible as a gentle reminder to continually practice your CPR skills and to reassure parents that their child is safe in your care.

Here's how CPR TeddyTM works:

CPR TeddyTM uses the latest American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care.

Squeeze his left paw to practice child (1-8 years) CPR and choking rescue skills or his right paw to practice infant (birth to 1 year) CPR and choking rescue skills. For both infant and child, a voice quickly reviews what to do if the infant or child is choking and then what to do if the infant or child loses consciousness. Following this quick review, the voice prompts the user through a one-minute practice session of his or her CPR skills. A metronome will help you pace compressions and a light on the bear's bow tie will indicate if you are pressing the right depth.

CPR TeddyTM comes with a breathing mask that slips over the bear's nose. This mask is connected to a small air bag that fits into a pocket in the bear's chest. When prompted to give breaths, this will allow you to see the rise and fall of the bear's chest.

CPR TeddyTM also comes with a full-length training DVD, providing instruction on Infant and Child CPR, Choking Rescue, and First Aid, as well as tips for child proofing your home and car. And as a special service, the company gives you the opportunity to register for a Quarterly Reminder Program, sending either a postcard or email reminding you to practice with your CPR TeddyTM.

CPR TeddyTM can also be used to introduce children to these life-saving skills. No home, classroom, or child care center should be without CPR TeddyTM!

Why do I care?

I was first introduced to CPR Teddy through a link in a MOPS email (Mothers of Preschoolers). As a mom, I've often wondered if I would remember what to do if my son or daughter started to choke or stopped breathing. I think this product is a wonderful idea and I wholeheartedly suggest it to everyone who has a child in his or her life.

In fact, I think it's so great that I signed up to be a distributor and offer the CPR Teddy on eBay. Click here to see my listings.

I hope you will seriously consider if this product could benefit your home. Even if it's not for you, I urge you to contact your local Red Cross, YMCA, or hospital to enroll in an infant & child CPR course. It's the one thing you never want to use, but you better know how to use it.

CPR TeddyTM recommends that all parents, babysitters, and other child care providers take a complete CPR and First Aid course for Adult, Child, and Infant rescue taught by a certified instructor. CPR TeddyTM manikins are intended to assist in practicing skills already acquired, and are not meant to be used in an actual rescue.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

CPR Teddy featured on

CPR Teddy was featured on, an internet journal of emerging medical technologies. Click on the link to read the full article, but come back here to buy him! ; )

When was the last time you practiced saving a chocking child? Hours? Days? Weeks?!? Well, surely you make your babysitters rehearse their CPR skills on a plastic dummy, right? Either way, you should probably buy a CPR Teddy to hone your life saving talents.

Click here to buy CPR Teddy at the best price!